Butterflies museum

Attacus ceasear

Genus of very large butterflies of Saturniidae family.
Attacus ceasear
Rothschildia jacobaeae
Attacus lorquini
Cajo romulus
Attacus atlas
Rhotshildia aurota
Rescintia pseudomartii
Thysania agrippina
Arsenura armida
Arsenura biangulata
Loxolomia serpentina
Athletes steindachneri
Rhothschildia boetis
Rothschildia hopferi
Rothschildia hopferi
Antherea mylitta
Acherontia atropos
Butterflies museum
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Moths (Lepidoptera) (butterflies, moths). A series of insects with complete metamorphosis. Originated probably in the early Mesozoic, authentic fossils are known from a series of the Cretaceous period. Insect wings of the series, as well as most of the bodies covered with scales. Moths spread on all continents except Antarctica, and reach maximum diversity in the tropics. In Central Europe there are over 4,000 species. More than 160 000 species are described in the world fauna.