I.P. Kavaleridze museum-workshop

I.P. Kavaleridze museum-workshop
Kyiv, Andriivskiy Descent, 21
Museum-work-shop of Ivan Kavaleridze was founded in 1993 on Andriivskiy Descent, house № 21, where in 1911 painter worked on a sculpture of Princess Olga. Here are held more 5 000 exhibits, dedicated to life and work of the master. Near museum there is a gallery «At Ivan Kavaleridze house».

Ivan Petrovych Kavaleridze was a genius. Ukrainian Michelangelo, so he was called. One of the most outstanding Ukrainian masters of the last century, - was, as it should be with a talented person, very ambiguous personality; he was a philosopher in his art, a thinker from art. Only the fact of such talents as a sculptor, director, playwright, tells as of level of his gift and of metaphoric, epic level of thinking of Ivan Kavaleridze.

His movies are called «sculpturesque» - rather sculptural term, but characters, Kavaleridze made – ones-cubic accurate and shaped, another – torn and raised from the depths of the stone – strip author’s burning soul, his «heart thinking» as he created everyone of his art pieces.