The Gas Institute

The Gas Institute
Kyiv, Dehtyarivska str., 39
The Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASY) was founded under the National Academy of Sciences in 1949 and now forms part of the NASU Department of Physicotechnical Problems of Power Engineering. At one’s own near 60-years history in the Institute have been fulfilled important scientific researches and significant developments in different brunches of industry.

In metallurgy under the direction of academician N. Dobrokhotov have been fulfilled developments for application of natural gas in steelmaking. The scientific fundamentals for converting of open-hearth furnaces from heating by coke-oven and blast-furnace gases and mazut on natural gas have been created. The Institute took leading position in the USSR in the field of metal reduction and especially of the direct iron production.

In the field of industrial heating the theory of radiant heat exchange in furnaces under no uniform temperature along the height of gas flow have been elaborated and to pioneer the use of this method (prof. N. Zakharikov). The specialists of the Institute proposed and elaborated the method of indirect radiate heating of metal in the metallurgical and mechanical engineering furnaces and burner line for it realization.

Important developments have been carried out on the basis of fuel and mineral processing researches in the field of technologies and equipment works for carbon sorbents production in the furnaces with fluidized bed. It was developed also technology and equipment for mineral materials granulation and firing in fluidized bed, technologies of materials production for building and other sectors of industry.

Active research and development in low-temperature plasma were carried out with the end of 60-ies in the context research of so-called electrical and gas burners (later called as plasma torches on the products of gas combustion).

Researches in the field of ecology based on the study of nitrogen oxides formation under natural gas combustion in the power plants. The theory and methods for nitrogen oxides formation neutralization such as combustion products recirculation, two-stage gas combustion, zone regulation of heat boiler capacity have been developed and introduced at the many power plants and heating boiler houses (prof. I.Sigal).

The Institute publishes scientific and technical magazine Energy Technologies and Re-sources Saving illustrating a wide range of problems, including resources and their efficient use, state of environment, energy-saving and resources-economy technologies in industry, technology for all kinds of waste recovery and treatment, biotechnology, etc. The Institute has a research library with 110 000 printed materials. Specialized Academic Council for theses defending for Doctor’s and Candidate’s degree in the speciality “Engineering thermal physics and industrial heat-and-power engineering” is functioned.