Literal and memorial museum of M. Gogol

Literal and memorial museum of M. Gogol
Velyki Sorochyntsi, Gogolya street, 34
The history of the museum started in 1909. A house of a doctor M. Trohymovskiy, where on March 20, 1809 (old calendar) Mykola Gogol was born, was always of a great interest. On 19th of April 1909 there was held a meeting of the village community, during which a memorial plaque was placed on the building. There, on the board framed with a wreath of oak leaves, was written: “Here in 1809 Nikolay Vasylievych Gogol was born.”

On August 28, 1911 in the middle of the village took place a grand opening of the monument to the great writer. In a year of 120 anniversary of birth of Gogol (1929), with the initiation of local activists and with the idea of National Artist, Amvrosiy Buchma, - Velykosorochinskiy Literal and Memorial Museum of Gogol was founded. This occurrence caused the public responses from the people in towns and cities of Russia and Ukraine, where lived or stayed Gogol. A lot of valuable materials came from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Nezhyn. The Museum was constantly re-newed with the exhibits which told about Gogol’s life and work, of his age. This was one and only Museum of Gogol on the territory of Soviet Union. But in 1943, with the Hitler’s invasion, Museum was destroyed, a lot of valuable exhibits were lost for good.

In September of 1943 Velyki Sorochyntsi was emancipated by Soviet troops. And in spite of famine, ruin, period of after-war establishment of economy, it has been raised a question about rebuilt of the Gogol spiritual treasury. On January 14, 1951 in Velyki Sorochynsi took place the opening of the new Literal and Memorial Museum of N.V. Gogol, project of Poltava architect P.P. Chernihovets.

Velyki Sorochynski Museum of N.V.Gogol (after war period) had two re-expositions – in 1977 and in 1999. Museum exposition lays in five halls and consists of two parts: “Life and literal work of the writer” and “N.V.Gogol and modern life”. The exposition of the museum shows everything in a motion: starting from childhood of the author, growth Gogol as a word painter and continues the story till the last days and to the memory of the genius for the future. The exhibits of the museum make us closer to the events of the XIX century, closer to the understanding of Gogol as a writer and as a person. From the ancient photos and lithography’s one can see a picture of Ukraine of that time, so cherished by the writer corners of Ukraine – Velyki Sorochynsi, Vasylievka, Myrgorod, Dykanka, Poltava, Nezhyn. There, one can also see the portraits of the writer’s parents, made by painter V. Sukhanov, photos of a mother and four sisters, copy of birth and baptism register from Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya church. The unique exhibits of the museum are the first editions of Gogol books, his personal belongings – clothes, briefcase, suitcase, notebook; portrait of the writer – copy of the work painted by F.Moler, furniture of XVIII-XIX centuries, copies of the Nezhyn Gymnasium Diploma, handwritings and painting of Gogol.

In 2009 total reconstruction of the Museum was made, and exhibition hall was attached. The exposition, which was presented by the Museum to the writer’s anniversary, includes as the parts dedicated to the life and literal work, to the preservation of the reminiscence of the eternal genius of Nikolay Gogol, so exposition, dedicated to the people’s craft of our land.

Due to the join work of Museum’s workers, painters, masters of folk craft, gogol-researchers, writers, fans of the literal legacy of the excellent writer, the Museum shows the truth to the people, which was captured in a word of brilliant writer. For the years of the existence, the Museum was visited by thousands visitors from Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Comments books of the Museum keep warm words, which prove love, gratitude and respect of the people to the outstanding author and, of course, appreciation to the museum workers for the great work of legacy preservation.

Velykisorochynski Literal and Memorial Museum of N.V.Gogol – is a real center of a national culture. Here work people truly in love with the books of their outstanding countryman, with the history of the native land and who do everything possible to make visitors of Sorochynskyy region feel the atmosphere of this land.