Literary-memorial museum of M.T. Rylsky

Literary-memorial museum of M.T. Rylsky
Kyiv, Rylsky str., 7
Kyiv literal memorial museum of Maksym Rylskyi is dedicated to Ukrainian poet, translator and public person Maksym Fadeevych Rylskiy. Museum is situated at his house in Kyiv region Holoseevo.

Famous Ukrainian poet Maksym Rylskiy (1895 – 1964) lived at this house for the last 13 years of his life (1951 – 1964). Here he created his poetry – poetical albums «Roses and grapes», «Winter notes», «Evening talks». He picked this area himself, he liked Kyiv nearest suburbs – picturesque Holoseevo at that time was almost untouched by buildings. Two-stored house was built by author’s own project. This place visited many famous people of Ukrainian culture, both when the poet was alive and when the Museum was opened, different events took place here. In front of the house there is a portrait sculpture of poet, it has been settled after the Museum was opened. There are flower beds and garden around the house. They were planted by Maksym Rylskiy himself.

Museum of Maksym Rylskiy in Kyiv was founded on 4th of May, 1966. Sons of the poet – Bogdan and Georgiy, took an active part in the creation of the Museum, so as his colleges and friends – academician A.Deich, poets N. Tihonov, A. Tvardovskiy, M. Isakovskiy and famous opera singer I. Kozlovskiy. Its first visitors the literal memorial Museum of Maksym Rylskiy welcomed in the summer of 1968. Since then, for more than 40 years, Museum visited more than 1 million visitors.

The exposition at the Museum was corrected, changed and refilled three times – when it was created (1968), in 1985 and after dissolution of the USSR – in 2006.

In the collection of Kyiv literal memorial Museum of Maksym Rylskiy are carefully preserved a lot of handwritings, personal library of the poet and the books, signed by authors, so as personal belongings, which surrounded author during his life. Those include hunting stuff – Rylskiy was an avid hunter and fisherman, active traveler and collector. Museum, which is located at poet’s house, combines memorial and biographical features. The exposition consists of 8 rooms – museum halls. The most valuable things, except personal belongings of the author, are the handwritings of his works, his correspondence, pieces of art of 1940-1960, movies and photo materials. The general quantity of exhibits – is around 10 000 pieces (including library).