Lviv, U. Samchuka str., 11
Lviv University of Trade and Economics is a heir of the glorious traditions of Lviv Commercial Academy and Lviv Trade and Economic Institute. Its origins as an educational institution for trade specialists training are at specialized schools operating in Lviv in the first half of the XIX century. The University is proud to be the oldest trade and economic institution of higher education in Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.

At the present stage, the training of specialists is carried out by structural subdivisions of the university, as follows: the Institute of Economics and Finance; the Educational Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education; the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies; the Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing; the Faculty of Law. The work in the sphere of communication and information technologies is coordinated by the Educational and Scientific Information Institute.

The university structure also includes specialized defense councils on Doctor and Ph.D. theses, Ukrainian Institute “Ukopinformproject”, Research Laboratory of Economic Assessment, Business center “Intereconomics”, Modern European Languages Center, Recruitment Agency and Publishing House.

Today, the University is a modern educational and academic European institution, where all the conditions for successful training and scientific growth of the youth to the level of highly qualified specialists are created, which meets the requirements of today’s employers.