M.K. Zankovetskaya house-museum

M.K. Zankovetskaya house-museum
Kyiv, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 121
Among many cities and towns, where M.Zan’kovetska had been, special place in her artistic life took Kyiv. It was almost equal to her native village – Zan’ky (now it is a village in Nizhyn district of Chernigivskiy region), where on 3 August 1854 future actress was born. Kyiv was important to her, because she spend here last years of her life (1918-1934 with some intervals) and passed away here on 4 October 1934.

Building, where actress stayed in Kyiv, was built in the beginning of XX century, on 121, Velyka Vasylkivska str., and belonged to her sister’s family. Her name was L.K.Karnaukhova. First museum of M.K.Zankovetska in this building was organized in 1960. In 1980 this heritage asset was ruined with no reason. New museum was rebuild and opened in 1989.

The exposition of the museum was based on a collection of great actress, which had been gathering from 1923 in a Museum of Theatrical, Music and Cinema Art of Ukraine and the museum is a branch of it. More than two thousands of precious relics – manuscripts, photos, programs and posters of the plays, costumes and personal belongings of the actress – now are open for the visitors.

The size of the museum is 300 m2. Exposition is situated on a second floor. It is divided into two parts - two halls from the right, which shows the life and work of M.K.Zan’kovetska in 1854-1917; on the left – memorial apartment. In Zan’kovetska’s apartment there were three rooms: study, living-room, dining-room and a kitchen. Interiors of these rooms were restored by documentary witnesses of friends, photos and pictures of painter Y.Pavlovych. In the rooms are mostly shown furniture and belongings of the actress.