M.S. Grushevskiy museum

M.S. Grushevskiy museum
Kyiv, Pankovskaya str., 9
A lucky chance to visit scientist’s home, find a way to his scientific «laboratory», world of tastes, feel unbelievable aura of a big happy family appeared with the opening in Kiev of historic-memorial museum of Mykhailo Hrushevskiy. Museum was created in 1992, exposition was opened in 2006. With its’ opening started revival of Pankovska str. 9, from where in 1930s «left» all Hryshevski, followed by books, documents, personal belongings. But now, cozy manor on Pankovskaya str., 9, like hundred years ago will charm everyone who will visit this place.

In the manor, which was bought by Hryshevskie in 1908, stood three floor house (flanker, as it was called later), beside which was build family commercial apartment building, decorated in Ukrainian style, project by Vasiliy Krichevskiy. His devoted Ukrainian nationalism, Hrushevskiy wanted to underline in such way too. This was defiance, for which leader of Ukrainian movement was cruelly revenged. In January 1918, during attack of bolshevists’ troops, aimed against proclamation of «sovereign, independent Ukraine», the house was deliberately fired by firecrackers. In 1921 burned skeleton of the house was blown up. Having gathered a unique collection and have listened to the memory voice of the first and the most valuable exhibit – the House – research scientists of the museum, for the reproduction of the interior of this apartment used only memorial furniture and pieces of interior of Hryshevski family.

Aroma of a favorite coffee, for which has gathered in the cozy living-room Hrushevski family, and sometimes their friends, takes you back to past times, to quiet conversations. Here are three generations of a big and happy family, looking at you from the family portraits. Head of this family, its’ hope and support was Mykhail Sergeevich. Emotional dominant of memorial exposition has become daughter’s room – famous ethnographist, folklorist, sociologist, «№ One Star» of the historic school of Hrushevskiy. There are two rare objects – photo portrait of historian, presented him by his students and co-workers for the 60th anniversary (1926) and painted portrait of Ekaterina Hryshevska, painted by famous Ukrainian painter Ivan Trush (1903) – those make virtual dialogue of soul mates and equal co-workers: father and daughter, teacher and student.

Study is a unique museum reconstruction, which was made thanks to photos of unknown before photographer, who visited Mikhail Sergeevych in 1929 and photographed each corner of the home study of outstanding historian. A real treasure of the scientist was his library (more 4 500 books) – that was the third library during his life. From wooden boards of the broken wagon were made special shelves for the library, on one of the boards carpenter carved the name of the customer: «Hrushevskiy».