Memorial museum-guardhouse of Taras Shevchenko

Memorial museum-guardhouse of Taras Shevchenko
Orenburg, Sovetskaya street, 24
Museum was opened on 9th of March 1989 on the basement level of the house on 24, Soviet Street. Those were territories where main guardhouse of Separate Orenburg Corps was located and Shevchenko was a prisoner here in April-May 1850. Museum is dedicated to “Orenburg winter” of 1849-1850. Attention of the visitors is attracted by a small lock up with the real brick walls and basic floor of stone. The rest has been reconstructed. There are figures in the room before lock up – of a guard officer and a soldier. The authors of those figures (so as Orenburg Cossack) are lviv painters Volodymyr and Ivan Turetskyy, Orest Gnatov. Exposition hall (in the former room for guard mounting) with the help of different museum techniques, reveal main events and details of those months. There are reproductions and copies of Shevchenko’s paintings in Orenburg, hanging on the wall in two rows in the corridor with semi circular ceiling.

In the room of the gifts to the Museum there are towels, woven and embroidered by grand-granddaughter of the poet, E.V. Kovtun, Shevchenko’s works translated into Japanese, old portrait sent from Dniepropetrovsk, crockery dish, made by famous Ukrainian master B.P.Panyada and many others. In the creation of the museum took an active part Honored artist and State Award of Ukraine Nominee, A.V. Gaydamaka; senior scientist-researcher, and now deputy manager on scientific work in National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, V.M. Yatsiuk; museum workers of Orenburg R.P. Chubareva, T.M. Artiushenko; painters A.A. Vlasenko, V.N. Eremenko and others.

Memorial museum has a printed guide-book (published in 1991) and it very popular in the city.

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