Memorial museum-manor of Kateryna Bilokur

Memorial museum-manor of Kateryna Bilokur
Bogdanivka, K.Bilokur str., 74
The memorial museum-manor of the national painter of Ukraine Kateryna Vasilievna Bilokur is situated in village Bogdanovka, there she spent all her life. This place is a really magic corner in Zagreblya, where on December 7, 1900 Kateryna Bilokur came to this world, where she made her first baby steps. Parent’s house is well known to the many visitors from different countries. Being totally rebuilt, it became a museum, which was opened on November 26, 1977.

Here lived her life persistent painter; here beauty of her painted masterpieces was born. Kateryna learned how to read and write by herself, learned the secrets of artistic endeavor all by herself. Painter’s manor: from the road there is a woven lath fence, as when Kateryna Vasylievna was still alive, elm tree spread its branches. Near wicket door – there is a stela of polished granite, there are the words: “Let’s take a bow to the Earth, where lived and worked Kateryna. That is from here, from peasant house, that took a trip to the world the art of people’s painter. Let’s save a relic!”

This manor is blessed by a genius woman, here she lived, and here her ideas came into the magic paintings and drawings. Here she was dreaming as she walked through the garden, dreamt about those museums, where her paintings would gather enchanted visitors. Bogdanovsk memorial includes house-museum and the manor with the trees, the artist's contemporaries, where beautiful park sculpture of Kateryna Bilokur is situated. The sculpture was created and presented by a painter’s nephew Ivan Bilokur.

The interior was recreated in a way it was during painter’s life: big room (it was called a hut), painter’s studio, bedroom, kitchen, etc. There are canvases on the bench, which were put under frames, sized and toned but did not get a chance to be touched by a painter’s brush. On a easel, there is a unfinished drawing. There are painters and drawings, made in oil and in a pencil: “In Bogdanovka, behind the dam”, “Portrait of a woman in a green corset”, “Birds”, “Landscape with a river” and others.

About life and work of Bilokur tell us pictures, fragments of the letters, sayings of the writers – N. Bazhan, O.T. Gonchar. A peculiar expositional testament to Bogdanovka museum became words said by Oles Honchar: “Works of Bilokur became a part of golden fund of Ukrainian culture. They are from those treasures, which Ukraine brings into world’s cultural heritage.” Beautiful drawings on the furnace and in the hall are works of G. Samarskaya. Her drawings are also exhibited, so as works of the painters M. Malovskyy, M.Dontsova, M.Malinki, so as books, presented by visitors, towel, which was embroidered by Reshetilov masters.

Memories about cozy home of Kateryna Bilokur, talented painter, will always stay with you. Here her masterpieces were born, here she lived and rested, here, on June 9, 1961, she passed away. On a big picture – a smiling charming woman, wishes you luck, saying good-bye, and this nice smile you will have in your heart on your way home.