Monument «I tend the lambs beyond the village…»

Monument «I tend the lambs beyond the village…»
Shevchenkove, in the village
The village Kerelovka since 1929 is known as Shevchenkovo. Near the village laid sadly known Black Road, where Crimean Tatars went for Yasyr (slaves) to Ukraine, and the same way they went back, bringing the Ukrainians for sale to Caffa (Pheodosia). The village was not free for a long time. Since XVIII century Kerelovka has become the property of Polish magnates. Yablonovski, Liubomyrski… How many of them had changed before Kerelovka and other villages of the region became Engelgart’s property.

At the entrance to the village, the travelers are met by a monument «…I tend the lambs beyond the village». Little Taras leans on a stick, and a lamb stays near. Some memo to the travelers that in this village, in the family of bondsman, grew up a genius poet, writer, painter, folklore specialist, ethnographer public activist, Taras Grygorovych Shevchenko.