Monument to T.G. Shevchenko in Orsk

Monument to T.G. Shevchenko in Orsk
Orsk, October district, T.G. Shevchenko square
There is not a single building in the town visited by great Kobzar or where he stayed. But Orsk carefully keeps the memory about great son of Ukrainian people.

In the central part of the town, in the square named after Shevchenko, the most beautiful in town, a monument to Kobzar was raised. Sculptor L.M. Pisarevskiy, architect N.K. Gabelko. The ceremony of unveiling of a monument was held on the 17th of August 1959 with great concourse, Ukrainian delegation was also present. Bronze moulding was processed at Mytyshchi factory. Pedestal is reveted with granite plates. The sculpture’s height is 5 meters, pedestal height is 4 meters. It was constructed in the memory of the poet and painter Taras Grygorovych Shevchenko’s sojourn in the Orsk fortress since 22nd of June 1847 till 11th of May 1848 as a private of 3rd company, 5th linear battalion. That is how he was punished for taking part in Kyrylo-Mephodievsky society.The monument represents the sculpture of sitting Shevchenko with his overcoat thrown over the shoulder. On the pedestal is written: “T. G. Shevchenko 1814-1861”.

Shevchenko name is given to Orsk pedagogical institute, one of the libraries. There is also a street named after him.