Museum of Hetmanship

Museum of Hetmanship
Kyiv, Spaska street, 16-b
Museum of Hetmanship – is a state cultural, educational and science research institution of historical profile, material and spiritual culture center dedicated to history and traditions of Cossack-Hetman era.

The exposition of the Museum of Hetmanship is dedicated to the history of Ukrainian Cossack’s National identity of the XVII – XVIII centuries, and Ukrainian War of liberation 1917-1921. The building, where Museum is situated, long local tradition calls “Mazepa’s building”. This ancient stone house, traditional architecture for Cossack’s era, was built during reign of Hetman Ivan Mazepa at the edge of XVII – XVIII centuries.

The official date of Museum’s foundation is March, 1993. The formation of the funds started at the same time. Nowadays funds include more than 8000 exhibits. During its’ work, the Museum has gathered the materials which enlighten such important topics in the history of Ukraine as Liberation War, headed by Bogdan Khmelnytskyy; creation of Cossack’s state – Hetmanship in the middle of XVII century; nation-building activity of Hetman Ivan Mazepa; activity of Philip Orlyk and his emigration environment; restoration of Ukrainian statehood in the XX century; Ukrainian state of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskiy (1918); the standoff of the Hetmanate and the Directory; activities of Ukrainian emigration of the 1920s - 30s; iconography of Ukrainian Hetmans; Hetman-Cossack themes in the historical literature, philately, deltiology etc.; history of "Mazepa’s house".

Among the memorial complex there is a large collection of materials of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskiy family, which have been donated by Hetmanivna Olena Ott-Skoropadska. Pieces of art, which arrived in 2004 and were handed to the Museum by Olena Pavlivna Skoropadska, were worth special attention. The Museum was given 21 pieces of declassified by Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine archival materials of the Executive Office of Paul Skoropadskiy’s Hetmanate. The collection of materials of Simon Petlyura is rather large. It came from Prague from Oleksandra Siropolko and from Pavlo Lymarenko, from Philadelphia, son of Army lieutenant-colonel of Ukrainian People's Republic Danylo Limarenko.

The major parts of museum collection are the groups: “Art”, “Graphics”, “Sculpture”. There are ancient icons among them, works of famous artists V. Masiutina, M. Butovych, A. Petrytskogo, L. Voedyla, F. Gumeniuk, V. Franchuk, O. Danchenko, M. Pavlusenko, M. Stratilat, V. Lopata, M. Krystopchuka, I. Lytvyn, V. Lutsak, O. Dorinchenko, S. Ganzhi, V. Lupiychuk and many others.

The library of the museum includes more than 3 000 books. The major part of them is on Cossack’s and Hetman’s theme, historical encyclopedias, non-fiction and art-historical literature, publications on painting, sculpture, ethnography, archeology, archaeography, heraldry, numismatics, sphragistics etc. Here at the Museum take part numerous events: the scientific and practical conferences, presentations of scientific and non-fiction publications on the history of Ukraine, Discussion Club "Hetman’s living-room", musical evenings and many others.