Museum of theatre, music and cinema of Ukraine

Museum of theatre, music and cinema of Ukraine
Kyiv, Lavrska street, 21, building 26
Museum of theatrical, musical and cinema art of Ukraine is unique in its' specialization. It has a nice history of names and events. It is widely known in Ukraine and beyond for its permanent and moving exhibitions created on the unique exhibits on the history of theatre, music, and cinema. Collected during the time of its existence – since 1923 – large and different collection of exhibits on the history of evolution of arts, which are constantly re-filled with new materials, is the ground for science research, science consultancy, exhibition work, it is a rich source for popularization the achievements of national theatre, music and cinema.

In the first hall of the exposition «Theatrical art of Ukraine» are shown first elements and first forms of the theatre, which existed in the ancient times: in a pagan holiday customs and games, in a saltimbanco performances in Kyiv Rus, in a medieval school theatre, in “Vertep” and folk dramas. In the first row – reconstruction of the Goat – character of the pagan theatrical game, that was connected with agricultural cult. After Christianity was adopted, «The Goat» became popular folk game with household storyline.

Second hall. The materials of the exposition of the second hall shows the events of outstanding people, who determined the development of theatrical art on the territory of Russian Empire and Ukraine as a part of it, at the end of XVIII – beginning of XIX centuries. This is the organization of state Imperial theatre in St. Petersburg (1756), the expansion among the nobility and the landowners the specific artistic phenomenon – slave theatre, building the theatres in the big cities, which hosted on their stages traveling companies of actors of different entrepreneurs. Repertory of these theatres is represented by the editions of the plays and by the posters of the beginning of the XIX century.

Third hall. Big influence on the formation of national culture in general and theatrical art in particular had the works of Taras Shevchenko – the outstanding Ukrainian writer and artist, widely known in the world. The materials of the third hall tell us about his connection to the theatre.

The exposition of the fourth and fifth halls covers second part of XIX century. This period can be characterized by new rise of Ukrainian theatrical culture. At the same time national theatrical art developed in Western Ukraine, which was under the reign of Austro-Hungary.

Sixth hall. In the exposition are presented editions of the famous plays of Lesya Ukrainka: dramas “Stone master” and drama- féerie “Forest song”. And nearby – the drawings of the painter I. Buryachok to the play, which was not performed, “Forest song".

The exposition of the seventh hall shows a situation in Ukrainian theatre on the edge of XIX-XX centuries. This includes theatre “Russian talk” activity, headed by director and actor Iosif Stadnik. The major part of the hall is dedicated to the first stationary Ukrainian theatre, which was opened in 1907 in Kyiv and that was a huge event in a cultural life of Ukraine. Big window gives an opportunity as if to look behind the stage of the first stationary Ukrainian theatre, it reproduce the dressing-room of the actors. Here are represented their stage and personal belongings.