Museum of Institute of physical chemistry

Museum of Institute of physical chemistry
Kyiv, Nauky ave., 31
L.V.Pisarzhevskii Institute of physical chemistry of NAS of Ukraine is one of the most well-known scientific centers in Ukraine, which carries out fundamental and applied studies in different fields of modern physical chemistry. The Institute was founded on November 6, 1927. Its founder and the first director was academician L.V.Pisarzhevskii (1874-1938) - one of the most outstanding scientists in chemistry of the XX century. Studies of the scientists of the Institute in fundamental problems of catalysis, chemistry of isotopes, chemistry of free radicals and mechanisms of chemical reactions, adsorption and adsorbents, physical chemistry of coordination compounds, photochemistry deserved general recognition and high appraisal in Ukraine and abroad. Pioneer works of the founder of the Institute academician L.V.Pisarzhevskii in the field of electronic chemistry are well-known, and they became the basis for modern concepts on various chemical phenomena and processes.

In recent years physico-chemical principles of design and directed synthesis of new nanosrucutred and nanocomposite materials with pre-determined conducting, catalytic and photocatalytic, sorption, luminescent, magnetic and other important functional properties were created in the Institute. A number of new functional materials and processes were proposed, which were implemented on the enterprises of different branches of industry and social sphere: catalysts for deactivation of industrial gas exhausts of stationary and mobile sources, light-sensitive compositions for instrument engineering and polygraphy, methods and means for non-destructive control and repair of equipment, technologies of radiation-chemical modification of polymers for power complex and communal facilities.

The Institute unites 6 scientific departments, 2 laboratories and Production-technological complex of state enterprises of the Institute "Radma", "Katek", "Koloran".