National museum-preserve of N.V. Gogol

National museum-preserve of N.V. Gogol
Gogoleve, Zhovtneva str., 1
National museum-preserve of N.V. Gogol is a pearl of the tourist recreation cluster “Gogol places in Poltava”. It’s included in the list of state tourists routes by Ministry of Culture. Every day Gogol’s manor welcomes admirers of great master’s works.

Nickolay Gogol lived in former Vasylievka (now Gogolevo). His childhood and youth passed in this picturesque corner. It was a wonderful world full of touching, sad and cheerful legends, poetic fantasy opened to him. For those who want not only to know the biography of the outstanding writer, but to feel his Ukrainian soul, sightseeing including architecture and landscape objects, a house of his parents, wing, park, garden with small architecture forms, and also his parent’s grave is suggested. A great attraction of the manor are two memorial ponds, their total area is 10 hectares. One can fish there and if he is lucky, eat it.

Gogol memorial is a great scientific and cultural centre and also it is the important centre of preservation of cultural wealth of the nation. During the years of it’s activity it obtained international recognition. Researchers of the complex represent Ukraine at the national and international conferences. After evaluation of the activity, it was included in top ten museums of the Ukraine. The collective body was rewarded for it’s valuable contribution into the progress of Ukrainian society. Personel constantly try to find new forms of activity, they contact Gogol researchers, literature museums of the country, scientific libraries and Gogol descendants. The funds of the museum are permanently renovated and replenished. Visitor’s attention attracts night theatrical show: “Do you know Ukrainian night?” It is always exciting to meet a genius. Indeed the great Gogol and his motherland will live forever.

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