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The last self-portrait

January 19, 1989
The last self-portrait
Knyaz Igor and Yaroslavna
Bimochka doggie
Night eyes
Snake tamer
Poltava Monastery
Self-portrait. Sasha little dragon
The last work "Sirius"
Mithun Chakraborty
Sasha Putrya's museum
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Poltava, Frunze street, 5
Pencil and felt-tip pen drawings, pictures in watercolors are very different. But all of them have some thing in common: under the paints we can see wonderful face of the author lighted by kind and so beautiful smile of Sasha Putrya. Every line of her drawings is sparkling with child’s openheartedness. Like a priceless treasure her creativity draws our attention with its spirituality and opens the new form of the constant aesthetic work with children of the different age. Here is the secret of the popularity of the child’s hall of Sasha Putrya where the constant exhibition of her works takes place.

The life of young painter ended when the girl was only 11 years old but her soul is still alive in poems, notes and 2279 wonderful drawings. After her death Sasha Putrya was awarded by the Gold medal of Christ the Savior, order of Sent Nicolas the Miracle-Worker “For increasing of good on Earth” and the icon “Lord the Pantocrator” in the silver vestment. The Ministry of Culture took the decision: all the creative heritage of Sasha Putrya is the property of the state. Since 1994 the Fund of protection and supporting of talented children headed by the mayor of Poltava A. Kukoba supported the idea of creation of “The Child art Gallery by Sasha Putrya’ as aesthetic, creative and pedagogical centre. The Gallery has wide range of visitors: from schoolchildren to little kids with their parents. The exposition changes every month.

The Child Gallery provides its work in two directions: organization of the changeable exhibitions of the works of young authors – pupils of ordinary schools, studios, art schools, Palace of child’s and youthful creativity. The creative work is also provided: every Saturday “Family lounge” opens its door for pre-school children. While children are creating their own works, their parents have the opportunity to visit the exhibition of Art Museum (Art Gallery). Every year the regional contests for the best child’s works take place in such nominations: music, poetry, art. Talented children, who want to take part in the next contest by Sasha Putrya can sent their works on address of the Art Gallery. Child’s creativity always accompanied the creativity of adult professional artist and the Hall of Child’s Art and the Big Exhibition Hall of the Art Gallery only confirm this natural interconnection.