Shevchenko National Reserve

Shevchenko National Reserve
Kaniv, Shevchenko str
Shevchenko’s national park in Kanev is the oldest historical cultural national park in Ukraine and it is the first institution honored to become of national level.

The newest history of Chernetcha hill began on May 22, 1861, when Ukrainian land accepted the body of freedom singer, prophet of national renaissance, genius poet and artist Taras Shevchenko. On this day his last will was fulfilled – to rest in peace on Ukrainian land. The hill was at once renamed to Tarasiv’s hill by Kanev inhabitants.

On summer 1884, on Tarasiv’s Hill was built first public museum of Kobzar, it was constructed on the funds of common people and was called “Tarasiv’s Hornitsa”. His grave was adjusted then and monumental iron cross-shaped memorial was established, project of Architecture Academic V. Sichugov.

On June 10, 1918 The Council of Ministers of Ukraine declared the grave of Taras Shevchenko a national property. The modern look Shevchenko’s memorial took on summer 1939 with the establishment of magnificent bronze monument on the grave (architect E. Levinson, sculptor M. Manizer) and with the construction of literal memorial museum (architects V. Krichevskiy and P. Kostirko). The museum harmony was made complete with granite stair complex (1977) and with the renewal of first public museum of Taras Shevchenko “Tarasiv’s Hornytsa”.

Nowadays Shevchenko’s national park – is widely known educational and cultural, scientific and research, tourist center, which studies and popularize legacy of Ukrainian national and world’s historical and cultural heritage. There also study Kobzar’s work, history of Tarasiv’s (Chernetcha) Hill, provide protection of the historical monuments from prehistoric times till today, so as natural landscape. Total amount of protected area – is 2500 hectares. There are 8 monuments of cultural heritage on the territory of national park.

Museum’s collection of the National Park include more than 20 000 unique pieces, adornment of which are memorial things and etchings of Taras Shevchenko, rare editions of his works, works of fine art of Ukrainian and foreign artists, masterpieces of folk fine arts, precious archived documents, movies, photo materials, audio- and video records of famous bandurists and kobzars. There is a scientific library at the National Park, funds of which include 23 000 copies of subject books.