Taras Schevchenko’s outhouse

Taras Schevchenko’s outhouse
Yagotyn, Nezalejnosti str., 69a
Museum «Taras Schevchenko’s outhouse» stands in the park to the right of a picture gallery in Yagotin. As a matter of fact, the gallery, the park and the outhouse – remains of once majestic estate of Kirill Razumovsky which passed on to Nickolay Repnin-Volkonsky as dowry of the getman’s granddaughter Varvara. And until 1917 Yagotin estate belonged to descendants of this couple. Nickolay Repnin-Volkonsky was an outstanding person. He belonged to the higher Russia aristocracy and made brilliant career. But he has one sin – he loved Ukrainian people, defended its interests before Russian government, and was guilty in something «intolarable»: he sympathized with autonomy movement and was close with their leaders. That’s why he had to leave Ukraine and lived abroad. It was not until his old age he returned to his Yagotin estate. Many gifted persons visited this place, among them was Nickolay Gogol, Vasily Luckashevitch, Evgen Grebenka, Vasily Schternberg, Michail Glinka, Nickoly Markevitch.

Taras Schevchenko was introduced to Repnin by Decembrist Alexey Kapnist. In July 1843 Taras Schevchenko twice visited Yagotin, and since October 1843 till January 1844 he lived in an outhouse of Yagotin estate. He was painting portraits, and landscapes, worked in the library, associated with Repnin-Volkonsky and his guests. He made friends with Varvara, the daughter of former general-governor. She rewrote his manuscripts. He dedicated to her Russian language poem «Trisna». It was then when she wrote her first work of literature «The Girl». Taras Grygorovych praised it highly. At that time Taras Grygorovych painted his outhouse. Unfortunately, paintings were not preserved. But there is still some hope for them to be restored as we have photographs. In 1845 the poet travelled a lot across his native land. In January he learned about Nickolay Repnin-Volkonsky’s death so he called in to Yagotin to present his condolences to the family and later visited The Yustin Cloister where General Governor was buried. He visited estate several times more this year. Also this year Schevchenko was arrested, but it’s a different story.

In 1859 Shevchenko also visited Yagotin on his way to Persburg. The wooden outhouse Taras Grigorievych used to live in was destroyed during World War II. In 2003 it was rebuilt and turned into museum. Six halls tell about poet’s life in Yagotin. Visitors can see the things belonging to Repin-Volkonsky estate, the table Shevchenko was working at. Painters from former owners collection and contemporary art are presented there.