"Taras Shevchenko Homeland" - Moryntsi

"Taras Shevchenko Homeland" - Moryntsi
Moryntsi, in the village
There was a yard in Morynci, where stood an old house of Mephodiy Tiutiunnyk, whose father was a chumak (Ukrainian salt trader). In 1964, in the house which was abandoned for a long time, was opened the ethnographical museum, initiated by Ivan Honchar. So it became known as “Chumak’s House”. But unfortunately, nowadays it is impossible to see that house. It was taken to pieces as it’s condition was already critical. But the repair process started in October, nobody knows why, but according to the instruction, Ukrainian house after reconstruction should be well dried. But there is still hope that this authentic heritage asset will survive.

In 1989 were rebuilt two houses in the village: Yakim Boyko’s house – who was Taras’ maternal grandfather, and Andriy Kopiy’s house, where Shevchenko’s family had been living for a year and a half. Since 1992 they have been included to the historical cultural preserve “Birthplace of Taras Shevchenko”. In the same house Yakim and Paraska Boyko welcomed in this world a daughter Kateryna in 1783, Taras Shevchenko’s mother. Here she spent her childhood and youth. The fence around the yard is of woven osier, the yard itself is tidy and cozy. Near the house there is an interesting sightseeing of people’s architecture – a wooden pantry, or a barn, brought here from Shevchenkovo. In has been more than a one hundred years since its construction. In the inventory book of Morynci village for 1796 there is a register that Boyko’s family has a field, a meadow, a cart, a couple of bulls, and a apiary for 34 blocks.

Kateryna Boyko and Grygoriy Shevchenko married in 1802 and settled, by a tradition at husband’s house. But it was a big family, the house was crowded, and that is why a young family in 1810 moved to Morincy with the permission of the landlord V. V. Engelgart. They moved to Andrey Kolesnik’s house (street name Kopiy), who was exiled at that time, and his house was empty. Here, in this house on 9 of March 1814 Taras Shevchenko was born. And again there were no peace in this family. Kopiy escaped from the exile and manage to gather some sort of a squad, who robbed people. Stolen belongings were shared with poor peasants. He thought that the Shevchenko’s had to pay for the use of the house and the land. Therefore the Shevchenko’s in 1815 returned to Kerelovka.