"Taras Shevchenko Homeland" - Shevchenkove

"Taras Shevchenko Homeland" - Shevchenkove
Shevchenkove, Bondarivska str., 33
One who has ever been to Zvenygorodshyna will never forget the generous beauty of local nature. Marvelous gardens, wide valleys, deep ravines. They are the same as they were in Shevcheno’s childhood. Here, in Shevchenkovo village, which till 1929 was named Kerelovka, in a family of a bondman, grew up a genius poet, writer, painter, folklore specialist, ethnographer, public activist Taras Grygorovych Shevchenko.

On the place of a home where Kobzar grew up, now stands a monument “Taras’ journey”. Unfortunately, in the end of XIX century the house was hit by a lightning and it was burnt till the ground. It belonged to the descendants of the older brother of T.G. Shevchenko, Nikita. At that time in the house nobody lived, there was a newly built house near. The manor belonged to Shevchenko until the construction of the museum began. In 1960ies in the manor still lived Haryton Prokopovich Shevchenko – direct descendant of Nikita Shevchenko.

In 1939 was a grand opening of poet’s museum. Now for the visitors are opened five halls, which tell the story of the family, our national hero was born and grown up in, about his childhood. There is a furniture presented of poet’s family and from the mansion of Engelgart’s, where served Taras when he was still little. In the mansion, celebrating the 175th anniversary of birth of T.G. Shevchenko, in 1989 was built the identical copy of the native house. It became possible due to Kobzar’s picture and detailed description which was made by the Shevchenko’s biographer Oleksandr Konisskiy. Here, in the minor, Kobzar’s mother is buried, Kateryna Akimovna, on her request. Still young woman, passing away, wanted to be closer to her family. At her grave a snowball tree is growing.