Taras Shevchenko house-museum at Maydan Nezalezhnosti

Taras Shevchenko house-museum at Maydan Nezalezhnosti
Kyiv, 6A T.Shevchenko lane
This is one of three Shevchenko’s museums of Kyiv. Memorial museum is recreating the atmosphere of 1846-47, when Shevchenko has lived in Kyiv until his arrest on the case of Kyrylo-Myfodiivske Assosiation. The building itself – is a rare object of Kyiv buildings of the first part of the XIX century. It was built in 1835 and remained untouched till present day. And that is why it is unique.

Street, on which Shevchenko lived, was called Goat bog. Poet stayed here at secretary’s Ivan Zhytnitskiy apartment. As the time passed, building of Zhitnitskiy was rebuilt and had degraded greatly. After the revolution it was given to live in. In 1925 on the demand of famous painter, professor of Architectural Institute Vasyl Krychevsky, the house was re-constructed. V.Krychevskiy’s assignment was artistic supervision of the decoration of the house-museum, making plans of the rooms, the work-shop and the garden. November 10, 1928 museum was opened for the visitors. During 1928-1941 it has been appended with the works of soviet painters. During the war, museum sustained great damage, but the building survived. After the war, an exhibition was not very rich, but the reality itself of such “old-world” building near taffeta Khreshchatyk street, made a great impression on the visitors. Modern exposition was made on the beginning of 1990s and do not contain unnecessary glitter and ideological stamps, connected to Shevchenko figure. At the museum – nice garden, «cherry garden», - the only manor garden, which remained in the city center from that time.