The memorial house-museum of M.A. Bulgakov

The memorial house-museum of M.A. Bulgakov
Kyiv, Andriivskiy Descent, 13
Exposition of the museum is built on unity of two worlds in a space of one apartment: real world, biographic, connected with Bulgakov family and imaginary world, literal, connected with Bulgakov’s novel “White guards”. Author of science-artistic conception K.Pitoetova, painter- award winner of state award of Ukraine in honor of T.Shevchenko – A.Kryzhopolskiy. Common household of real objects and fiction, build on the use of memorial Bulgakov’s belongings and their literal signs, let people find new forms of the museum story, turned to a life and artistic experience of the visitor, his associative thinking. Its assignment museum sees more wide, then just a story of life and work of Bulgakov, who during his stay in Kyiv has not been a writer yet. Exposition shows environment, which has brought up the future writer. And that’s why it is widely shown the themes of life of Kyiv in the end of XIX – beginning of the XX century, education and upbringing, medicine, religion and theatrical life of the city.

The literal-memorial exposition consists of next rooms:

Living-room like a family album, tells us a story of Bulgakov-Pokrovsky families, with parents, brothers and sisters of Mykhailo. Original objects and photographs introduce us with relatives, friends of a home, family priest, doctor, people who took care over abandoned family after father’s early death. In a long chain of events and persons the prototypes of the «White guards’» characters and events appear.

Medical study of Dr.Bulgakov and Dr.Turbin. Here the science predominates. Here is presented the life of Kyiv University of the beginning of XX century. There are photos of Professors, fellow-students of Bulgakov. A lot of things find their meaning in «Notes of young doctor» and in other his works.

Olena’s room in 1918-1919 was occupied by Bulgakov’s sister Varvara with her husband. Main theme of this room – is a story of family icon. In a novel «White guards» heroine is begging for life for her dying brother in front of an icon.

Mykolka’s room. In this specific room lived Mykhailo Opanasovych himself till he got married (1913). Here is always lighted memorial lamp under green cover, as a premonition of his future writer’s destiny.

Study, where Turbin’s settled Lariosyk, a cousin from Zhytomyr – this was a dream of Bulgakov of a library, as long as of his own writer’s study. Nowadays here «live» rare publications of Bulgakov’s books, magazines, newspapers, autographs.

Bulgakov and Turbin’s dining-room keeps the main symbols of the House – crème curtains, stove named «Saardam», chimes of the watch. Here, to warm cozy dining-room rushes in from the Oleksiy’s bedroom winter storm, which has spun in the devilish events of brother-killing war, and endless sky with eternal stars on it.