V.I. Vernadskiy museum

V.I. Vernadskiy museum
Shyshaky, Komsomolska street, 9
In 1993 at the Shyshatska specialized school named by V.I. Vernadskiy was founded memorial, natural-ecological museum of V.I. Vernadskiy, which in 2004 was given a title of «Par excellence». The exposition of the museum is presented in the two halls: science-educational and memorial. School science complex include cabinets of biology and environment.

Science hall of the museum is a complex of tridimensional tables, diagrams, stands which are adapted maximally to the materials and science data of school program of the subjects of natural cycle. This hall is used for biology, geography, chemistry, ecology, environment lessons, and memorial hall hosts the excursions studying life and work of the great scientist, his scientific legacy, connections with Ukraine, Poltava region, Shyshaky area.

Fund’s gathering is made while tours on the native area, watching the nature, excursions, which allow gather documents or things. Annual participation of young researchers of our school in Ukrainian movement of studying youth «My land – the land of my parents» contribute to fund’s gathering greatly. The excursions are held by the high school students, who study particular subjects. On each subject text of the excursion is prepared: «Vernadskiy family», «V. Vernadskiy – is an outstanding scientist, science initiator», «V. Vernadskiy – philosopher, scientist, citizen and patriot», «Doctrine of biosphere and anthroposphere by V. I. Vernadskiy», «Science’s spheres academician worked in».

Museum of V. I. Vernadskiy takes a special place in the school structure of new type, usage of the museum provides its’ orientation in the time and space, in the past, in the present and in the future of nature. Using the expositions of the museum helps children’s self expression in the educational process.