Marine museum
19-12-2011 (16:08)
Fossils – remains of the objects of former geological eras, which were found by people during excavation or when they broke the surface as the result of erosion. Rather often only hard parts of...
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Museum of minerals
15-11-2011 (16:07)
Minerals - natural chemical compounds that make up Earth's crust, homogeneous in its physical structure and chemical composition. The science that studies minerals is called mineralogy. In a narrow sense, a mineral - a natural...
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The first building of "KPI"
07-10-2011 (16:06)
Now National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” is the biggest technical university of Ukraine of research type, one of the major universities of Europe and world. Around 30 000 students study there, including 337 foreign...
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Butterflies museum
03-10-2011 (16:02)
Moths (Lepidoptera) (butterflies, moths). A series of insects with complete metamorphosis. Originated probably in the early Mesozoic, authentic fossils are known from a series of the Cretaceous period. Insect wings of the series, as well...
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