Shevchenko National Reserve
18-12-2012 (19:27)
Shevchenko’s national park in Kanev is the oldest historical cultural national park in Ukraine and it is the first institution honored to become of national level.

The newest history of Chernetcha hill began on May...
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Kaniv on Museum Portal
18-12-2012 (18:45)
Picturesque city on the banks of Dniepro-river now on ”Museum portal” map! Soon you will be able to visit the most interesting museums of Kanev with the help of our virtual tours.
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Kyiv literal memorial museum of Maksym Rylskyi is dedicated to Ukrainian poet, translator and public person Maksym Fadeevych Rylskiy. Museum is situated at his house in Kyiv region Holoseevo.

Famous Ukrainian poet Maksym Rylskiy (1895...
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National Museum of Taras Shevchenko presents oeuvre and career of Member of Emperor’s Art Academy, Ukrainian painter, poet, philosopher, civil activist.

The idea of creation of the museum appeared right after the death of the poet,...
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Curie Museum
23-10-2012 (17:23)
Paris on Museum Portal
18-10-2012 (17:23)
Exposition of the museum is built on unity of two worlds in a space of one apartment: real world, biographic, connected with Bulgakov family and imaginary world, literal, connected with Bulgakov’s novel “White guards”. Author...
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This is one of three Shevchenko’s museums of Kyiv. Memorial museum is recreating the atmosphere of 1846-47, when Shevchenko has lived in Kyiv until his arrest on the case of Kyrylo-Myfodiivske Assosiation. The building itself...
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Museum-work-shop of Ivan Kavaleridze was founded in 1993 on Andriivskiy Descent, house № 21, where in 1911 painter worked on a sculpture of Princess Olga. Here are held more 5 000 exhibits, dedicated to life...
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M.K. Zankovetskaya house-museum
26-03-2012 (14:23)
Among many cities and towns, where M.Zan’kovetska had been, special place in her artistic life took Kyiv. It was almost equal to her native village – Zan’ky (now it is a village in Nizhyn district...
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Priorka house
20-03-2012 (17:30)
In summer 1859, after a lot of petitions, Taras Shevchenko came to Ukraine, his intention was to settle here. 13 July 1859 poet was arrested near Prohorivky village and on 30 July he was brought...
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M.S. Grushevskiy museum
12-03-2012 (16:27)
A lucky chance to visit scientist’s home, find a way to his scientific «laboratory», world of tastes, feel unbelievable aura of a big happy family appeared with the opening in Kiev of historic-memorial museum of...
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P.G.Tychyna's apartment-museum
08-02-2012 (17:51)
We know Pavel Grigorievich first of all as a lyric poet, however he was also marvelous painter and musician. Besides, he had to work in the ruling apparatus: he was a chairman of Supreme Court...
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