Kharkiv Art Museum
19-11-2015 (19:22)
Kharkiv on Museum Portal
19-11-2015 (12:17)
Desatinna, 12
10-11-2015 (16:23)
Detached residential 7-storey building located on the street Tithe, 12, in the Shevchenko district of the historical center of Kiev. The street runs from St. Michael's Square to St. Andrew's descent and Vladimir streets. The...
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Ananyiv on Museum Portal
08-11-2015 (10:12)
Izmail Art Gallery
05-11-2015 (20:10)
Izmajil on Museum Portal
05-11-2015 (12:03)
Poltava Art Museum
03-11-2015 (19:52)
Poltava Art Museum is in Poltava, Ukraine, containing many works of native and foreign art and a rich ethnographic collection. Today’s collection of the museum was started in 1917, when Nikolai Yaroshenko, a painter who...
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Deutsches Museum
30-10-2015 (19:10)
The Deutsches Museum with its branch museums is an outstanding place for communicating scientific and technical knowledge and for a constructive dialogue between science and society. Established in 1903, it is among the world's oldest...
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Munich on Museum Portal
30-10-2015 (09:55)
Ternopil Art Museum
21-10-2015 (20:01)
Chernivtsi Art Museum
21-09-2015 (18:03)
National Museum of Ukrainian History started its activity in 1899 as the Museum of Antiquities and Arts. In those times it was situated on the 6 Volodymyrska street. Museum building was designed by notable Kyiv...
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Zhytomyr Art Museum
10-09-2015 (15:04)
The museum was founded thanks to the activities of Ukrainian intellectuals at the end of ХІХ century as the first free-for-all Kyiv museum. The first exhibition on the occasion of the ХІ All-Russian Archaeology Conference...
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Museum of Ukrainian home icons
03-09-2015 (19:20)
There’s a unique museum in the Radomysl Castle – the Museum of Ukrainian Home Icons. They were painted in XVII-XX centuries. Its exhibition of Christian art objects, named "The Soul of Ukraine", is the biggest...
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