Kyiv virtual museums
20-10-2021 (00:00)

The purpose of the "Kyiv Museum Portal" project is virtual tours of the most interesting museums of Kyiv. The latest technologies are used in the project, such as the creation of virtual tours, flexible databases, HD quality photos and a unique design approach to each museum.

The portal provides a unique opportunity to remotely visit the best museums of Kyiv using the technology of virtual tours that create the effect of presence. The interactivity of tours on the "Kyiv Museum Portal" will definitely interest visitors, who can "walk" through the rooms of the most interesting museums using a simple and intuitive navigation system, and make their first impression before actually visiting the museum.

By opening a virtual panorama without leaving the computer, or even with the help of a smartphone (since the portal uses technology to fully support mobile devices), the user has the opportunity to get to know the museum for the first time, which will definitely increase his interest in visiting this museum in future. Museums of various fields are presented on the portal, so the target audience of the project is the widest range of visitors.